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Sonaze Anime Scene by Sonicguru

It looks decent for an anime scene. There's a couple of things that bug me. The snowflakes. You wouldn't see snowflakes like that in re...

Sonaze - January by Sonicguru

Well. This is impressive. Your whole gallery is impressive. Now, If I seem harsh, or mean, I'm not trying to be mean. Alright. Now, the...

xX::Future Leo SA::Xx by TechnoGamerSpriter

I must say, this is very well done. It does have its flaws though. The ear is kina awkward looking. It definatly should be bigger and h...

:G: Kat and Shadow by Sonic-makes-me-smile

Wow, this is really good, and funny too! The idea of teasing Shadow with the last cookie is so cute and funny. Kat says that's what he ...

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AuxiliatrixDisciples has started a donation pool!
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Current balance: 161 :points: I'd like to give premium member ships to people!!

My Point commission prices:
My Point commission prices.
3 :points: traditional sketch
10 :points: traditional coloring
8 :points: digital line art
15 :points: flat colored digital
17 :points: shaded+colored
Simple BG:
1 :points: extra
Complex BG:
3 :points: extra

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    Donated Jul 22, 2013, 8:48:49 AM
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Just call me Kat, yo
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United States

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Hi!! I'm AuxiliatrixDisciples , but since that is too long, call me Kat! Not only that, but I know They are..
:iconcxisbest:, :icondarker001:,:iconsilverfeatherstream:, :icondrawing33:, :iconfeather-dragon:, :iconflameangirl98:, and :iconepickitty98: I insist you watch them! They're all talented people.

Current Residence: Don't ask, deviantWEAR sizing preference: IDK, Print preference: ???, Favourite genre of music: ROCK N' ROLL, Favourite photographer: Whaaaaat?, Favourite style of art: POP CULTURE, Operating System: Unbuntu, or whatever, MP3 player of choice: iPod, Shell of choice: What shell?, Wallpaper of choice: Silver the Hedgehog or Yakko Warner, Skin of choice: Mine., Favourite cartoon character: Yakko! And Silver! <3, Personal Quote: You don't have to have nice hair or looks to be loved... It's what's in your heart that counts!

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What Sonic-X Character Are You?
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Nepeta Leijon
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Nepeta likes friendly roleplaying (which was said quite a while ago), though not the dangerous kind that caused a certain accident to a couple of people. She has a naive view of everything. She lives in a cave and hunts and eats animals, then wears their fur and paints with their blood. In fact, she uses this blood along with soot and ash to create wall art, such as story boards for a comic and her shipping wall.

Nepeta seems to have a lot of similarities with Kanaya, which may or may not be significant. Both of them are - despite Andrew's noted lack of perfect analogues - the most similar to Jade of the trolls. Both of them are also green-blooded middle-caste trolls with friends on either side of the blood spectrum whose relationships are observed and moderated to some degree (Kanaya is the meddler, and Nepeta keeps a shipping wall while being generally agreeable to everyone). Nepeta was the one to see Aradia and Equius's kiss, and Kanaya was the one to see Vriska kiss a helpless Tavros. Although Kanaya reacted with shock (due to her mating fondness for Vriska), Nepeta just updated her shipping wall.…>Homestuck: What Is Your Blood Color?</a>

Olive Green

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Sagittarius, peoplezzz :iconpervyequiusplz:

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I am :iconpervyequiusplz:
My mom is :iconpervyaradiaplz:
My friend Nick :iconpervysolluxplz:
Grace is a fucking Taurus. :iconpervytavrosplz:
My 7th science teacher is :iconpervyvriskaplz:
My cousin is :iconpervyfeferiplz:
My other cousin is :iconpervysolluxplz:
My friend Andrew is :iconpervyfeferiplz:
My dad was :iconpervytavrosplz:
Darker001 is :iconpervyaradiaplz:
Mr. Lane, my social studies Teacher (from 7th grade) is :iconpervynepetaplz: ouo

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I know most are just going to delete this because... well, I don't think anyone remembers me. Anyway, yes, I'm still alive... Surprisingly. 

You'll find me more on Tumblr (at, Skype, and hell, if you actually have one, League of Legends. 
Note me for my Skype and summoner name, if interested. -Kat

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